Real Reef Rock
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  • Tank Size: 5 Gallons
    Maximum Size:
    Coloration: Purple, Pink, Red
    Regions Found:
    Reef Compatible: Yes
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    Guarantee: Live Guarantee Available
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  • Description
  • Live rock is essential for a marine aquarium to thrive. Live rock provides critical filtration and beneficial bacteria that converts harmful toxins into harmless gases. If your tank doesn't have enough of this beneficial bacteria then it is nearly impossible to keep a healthy tank.

    Real Reef Rock has become a standard in non-harvested live rock. Real Reef offers a large variety of sizes and shapes in their rock product line. Shapes range from standard base rock to branches and even beautiful shelf pieces. You can truly create any structure your mind can dream up with various pieces of Real Reef Rock.

    Real Reef Rock has a deep three dimensional shape and comes in various hues of pink, purple and red that replicates the look of coralline encrusted live rock. Real Reef Rock is made from eco friendly natural reef materials and then grown in a greenhouse to become bio-active.

    A huge bonus to Real Reef Rock is that is comes with none of the tank wrecking pests and hitch hikers found on wild harvested live rock. Also Real Reef Rock tends to have much less issues with phosphates like live rock tends to have. Real Reef Rock is not suggested for use with freshwater tanks since it tends to keep the water at a high stable PH level.

    Real Reef Rock is a 100% sustainable and coral reef eco-friendly alternative to harvested live rock farmed in the United States by marine enthusiasts. It is made from the same material as wild coral skeleton live rock. Get all the benefits of real live rock without compromising the future of coral reefs and our hobby.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about the Real Reef Rock and if it's the right rock for your system.

    If you have any questions please contact Eric Cohen TankStop owner and well respected industry veteran.

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