• Additive Information
  • Every successful tank requires more than just water and livestock. TankStop carries a huge variety of additives to help your tank thrive.

    On the most basically level we offer all of the top brands of aquarium salt, both those suitable for fish only tanks all the way up to salt made specifically for high end SPS tanks. No matter your salt needs, TankStop has you covered.

    Even the most by the book hobbyist will run into a situation where something gets into their tank that was not planned. We offer a full spectrum of medicines for your fish to help them out in the horrible situation when they get sick.

    We also offer all the supplements and additives you would ever need to keep a beautiful and vibrant reef tank. From specialized coral food to the trace elements your coral needs to thrive.

    Below is a full list of all of our aquarium additives. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    For AI, Algae Free, Aquatic Life, Aquatop, Aqueon, Benepets, Boyd, Bubble Magus, CoralVue, Current, Danner, DD, Ecotech, Eshopps, Fritz, Hagen, Hikari, Hydor, Hydros, IceCap, Innovative Marine, JBJ, Kamoer, Kessil, Lifegard Aquatics, Maxspect, Neptune Systems, New Life Spectrum, Nyos, Piscine Energetics, PolypLab, Red Sea, Reef Octopus, Sicce, Trigger Systems and Vivid Creative products we will price match any online retailers price if in stock. Please contact us to have the price adjusted...