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  • Melafix from API is an all natural medicine that is an all-natural antibacterial treatment. Melafix treats abrasions, open wounds, eye cloud, tail rot and mouth fungus.

    Another benefit on Melafix is that it promotes regrowth of tissue and damaged fins. Melafix is also a great product to treat new fish when added to quarantine if you believe that there might be an undiagnosed disease present with the fish.

    API Melafix will not hurt or effect your biological filtration, discolor your water or alter PH. It is recommended that you turn off your protein skimmer and UV sterilizer while treating your tank with Melafix.

    This bottle of Melafix is 16 ounces in size. The recommended dosage for Melafix is 5 ml per 10 gallons of tank water. For wound treatment or disease treat for 7 days. After the 7th day it is recommended to do a 25% water change. If needed you can continue the treatment. If you are adding new fish, dose daily for 3 days.
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