• Electronics Information
  • One of the most exciting and fastest changing categories of aquarium supplies is electronics.

    The device that can make keeping a thriving tank a million times easier is the aquarium controller. A good controller can handle everything from lighting schedules and intensities all the way to dosing. The better known controllers also now have a whole ecosystem of add-ons that can pretty much make your tank nearly zero touch and run on autopilot. TankStop only offers the best controllers on the market.

    Proper flow and water turnover is essential to keeping a healthy tank. Properly sizing water pumps will keep your tank’s turnover right correct and provide the right amount of oxygen in the water. Having the correct number of powerheads and placing them correctly will keep your rock and substrate clean as well as keep your coral and fish happy. TankStop carries only the best water pumps and powerheads for any size tank.

    We also have a full selection of heaters and chillers to keep your tank at the perfect temperature no matter what where you live or where your tank is placed.

    Below is a full list of our aquarium electronics, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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