• Filter Media Information
  • Although a lot of filtration can be done be natural filters such as refugium plants and live rock, sometimes mechanical filtration is needed to keep your tank pristine.

    Filter pads and cartridges can trap small mater that could cloud up your water and raise the nitrate levels dangerously. Filter socks are also important for tanks with sump setups to help trap as much lose material as possible. TankStop carries various sizes and materials of filter pads and socks to help keep your tank as clean as possible.

    Running your tank water through carbon can lead to crystal clear water, really making your fish and coral pop. We also carry various other pellets and additives to help achieve the goal of having crystal clear water.

    Although there really isn’t any substitute for live rock, recent advances had lead to products that are extremely dense and small in size that can harbor much more beneficial bacteria than live rock. Used in addition to live rock, this filter media can really help out your tank.

    Below is a full list of our filter media, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

    For AI, Algae Free, Aquatic Life, Aquatop, Aqueon, Benepets, Boyd, Bubble Magus, CoralVue, Current, Danner, DD, Ecotech, Eshopps, Fritz, Hagen, Hikari, Hydor, Hydros, IceCap, Innovative Marine, JBJ, Kamoer, Kessil, Lifegard Aquatics, Maxspect, Neptune Systems, New Life Spectrum, Nyos, Piscine Energetics, PolypLab, Red Sea, Reef Octopus, Sicce, Trigger Systems and Vivid Creative products we will price match any online retailers price if in stock. Please contact us to have the price adjusted...