• Filtration Information
  • Everyone looking at your aquarium sees the beautiful fish and other tank inhabitants, but nobody stops to think about all the equipment that goes into keeping your tank healthy and spotless. Filtration devices play an integral role in keeping your tank healthy and beautiful.

    The simplest filter is a filter that just contains filtration media and traps detritus and floating material in this media. Overtime the media is either cleaned or replaced. TankStop carries a large selection of these simple filters for smaller and less taxing tanks.

    As tanks start to get larger and larger, it makes sense to add a sump and/or refugium to your system. These smaller tanks normally reside under your display tank and hold equipment or plants to aid in your filtration needs. We carry all system and designs of sumps and refugiums for all size tanks.

    The true workhorse of a marine tank is the protein skimmer. Skimmers typically go in your sump where they work 24/7 removing excessive protein out of the water, keeping your nitrates low and your tank healthy. TankStop carries protein skimmers of all sizes for any sized tank.

    TankStop also carries various reactors and filters. Below is a full list of our filters, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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