Reef Crystals Reef Salt 200 Gallon Box
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  • Reef Crystals Reef Salt 200 Gallon Box

  • Instant Ocean

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  • Instant Ocean Reef Crystals is one of the most trusted salt mixes for coral heavy reef tanks. This enriched formula provides optimum effectiveness. Reef Crystals has a greater concentration of essential ocean reef elements than found in natural sea water.

    Instant Ocean has specially made this formula for use in reef aquariums. Reef Crystals contains extra calcium to help with SPS coral growth as well as coralline algae growth. Extra trace elements provide extra vitamins and nutrients to really help your coral growth take off. Other invertebrates such as anemones will also benefit from Reef Crystals. Reef Crystals also will neutralize trace heavy metals found in regular city tap water.

    Instant Ocean is the most trusted name in marine salt and Reef Crystals in their premier product. Reef Crystals will make re-creating a thriving ocean environment at home much easier. Instant Ocean is also the choice for public aquariums, marine parks and zoos throughout the United States.
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