• Acclimation Guide

  • We can give you advice on how to best acclimate, but there are many opinions and methods that can be used. We are giving you our best advice and hope you can research what best works for you. Our fish are typically shipped in a specific gravity of 1.018 - 1.020. Here are some very key procedures for acclimation.

    1. Open Box in a low light area so the livestock is not shocked by bright light.

    2. Open bag and empty contents into an acclimation bucket or tray.

    3. Remove some water from the incoming fish bag for testing. Ph, Salinity, Ammonia.

    4. Add a cap or drops of an ammonia neutralizer to the bucket.

    5. Add air stone to the acclimation tray.

    6. Check temperature and add heater or allow water to adjust to room temperature or aquarium temperature.

    7. Using a cup, start to add water to the acclimation bucket one scoop at a time. Depending on the differences in Salinity you would want to add water faster or slower depending on the differences in specific gravity.

    8. Observe fish during acclimation, and speed up or slow down depending on the character of the fish. Typical acclimation should take about an hour. If your salt level differences are greater than .05ppm then you should slow down your acclimation and allow for longer times to adjust.

    9. When temperature and Specific Gravity/Salinity is equal to your aquarium, remove fish and start the Safety Stop dip (follow directions). When complete, you can add fish directly into your aquarium/qt system.

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