• Your Pictures

  • With over two thousand saltwater fish, coral, invert and live rock species featured on TankStop, it is impossible for us to get pictures of every specimen that we feature on the site.

    For items on the site that were not in stock when we launched the site, we used images sourced from the internet that did not have any visible copy write or trademarks. We would like to exclusively use our images and videos or those taken by our customers.

    In exchange for the privilege of using your videos or pictures, we will offer you a discount on your next order with TankStop if we use your picture or video.

    Also if we have used your image or video by mistake without permission, please let us know and we’ll either remove the image or video or give you a discount on your next order with us.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about getting your images posted on TankStop and our offered discounts.

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