• Saltwater Fish

  • The true personality of any aquarium are the fish featured in the tank. Fish just provide so much movement and color to your reef or FOWLR tank.

    Some fish are truly social and can get along with any other fish introduced to your aquarium and also do well in a full reef tank. Other fish are more aggressive and should be kept in species only tanks, or tanks that featured large fish that can defend themselves.

    We try to give you the most important details on each fish featured on our site, so you can decide if the fish will be the correct size and temperament for your tank and its inhabitants. We also try to provide clear pictures and videos of as many fish as possible to give you the best idea of how the fish will look in your aquarium.

    Below is an extensive list of various fish species suitable for life in an aquarium. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the fish on the site and if they’d be a good fit for your aquarium.