• Dottyback

  • Dottybacks are very colorful and great fish to keep in a reef tank. Dottybacks tend to stay rather small and can be kept in most size aquariums.

    Dottybacks require lots of rock in an aquarium to hide when they feel threatened. Dottybacks are great jumpers and need to be kept in aquariums with a tight fitting lid with no holes that are big enough for them to jump though. Dottybacks are peaceful fish, but can be aggressive and territorial to similar species, so in smaller tanks only one Dottyback should be kept.

    Dottybacks should not be kept in tanks with larger aggressive fish, or they might be eaten. Most Dottybacks are somewhat easy to keep. On each species individual page, we provide details on each Dottybacks level or care and tank requirements to help you choose the perfect Dottyback for your tank.

    Below is our full list of Dottybacks that we keep in our inventory. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about particular species of Dottybacks, or with any questions in general.