• Our Guarantee

  • We believe that our livestock is truly some of the healthiest marine livestock available online. With that said, we also believe that our customers are honest and only have the best interest of their tanks and livestock in mind.

    TankStop can offer such good prices on our livestock to our customers by selling healthy livestock and adhering to the best shipping practices. If our customers stay honest and follow our acclimation and quarantine procedures, we can continue to offer such good prices and generous guarantees.

    Live Arrival Guarantee
    All fish, coral and inverts on TankStop are covered by a Live Arrival guarantee. The most demanding and hard to care for livestock are only eligible for our Live Arrival guarantee unless otherwise noted. This guarantee covers any livestock that passes away during the shipping process and is DOA (Dead on Arrival). You must contact us within three hours of delivery receipt with images of the deceased livestock to be eligible. Each case will be treated on a case by case basis, since we only want the best experience for our customers, especially with hard situations like deceased livestock. To initiate a DOA claim, please contact us and we’ll instruct you of how to get a replacement item. If the same item isn’t in stock for a period of two weeks a store credit will be issued. Shipping of DOA replacements is not covered by TankStop. We charge $49.99 for DOA replacement shipping for boxes under 10 pounds, $69.99 for boxes between 10 and 20 pounds and $89.99 for boxes over 20 pounds. Most boxes are under 20 pounds and we will provide you with an estimate while processing the DOA replacement.

    Items marked as "No Guarantee" offer no guarantee, even live arrival. These items are so delicate that we cannot over any guarantee on them. This is mostly for sharks and rays. When ordering an item flagged for "No Guarantee" please contact us for more details.

    Replacement Shipping and Delayed Shipping Issues
    Orders where credits are being used will be charged $49.99 for shipping if the livestock order is under $100. For orders between $100 and $349 where credits are being used, standard $44.95 shipping will be charged. Over $349, free shipping will be applied.

    When shipping orders that have replacement items or credits, we will issue the credit amount to orders after orders are placed and shipped as some items ordered may not be available at the time of shipping. Invoice totals, after credits must meet the minimum order value or the shipping cost for replacement item will be deducted from the replacement value. Shipping values are determined by the weight of the item being replaced.

    For orders where UPS delays the shipping by a day or longer, TankStop will credit 50% of the value of the lost livestock. Please contact us if there is a delay, in most cases calling UPS 800 number will allow you to pick up the delayed shipment at the local hub on the same day of missed delivery.

    Catastrophic Loss
    For orders where the majority of the livestock contained in the order is lost while in quarantine we are not able to offer credits. In these situations there is more than likely an issue with the quarantine process that led to the losses. We are always looking out for our customers, so in these cases please contact us and we will try to work with you to make the best of the situation.

    * Note that shipping charges are not eligible for refunds, only the price of the livestock. Also some very sensitive species are not eligible for a dead on arrival guarantee.

    ** Our guarantee only applies to livestock included in the initial order. Replacement items or items purchased with guarantee credits will only receive our Live Arrival Guarantee. Credits cannot be used towards shipping charges or free shipping.

    ***Missing or refusing a shipment may void any applicable guarantees, and relies at the discretion of TankStop staff.

    If you have any questions about our live guarantees, please feel to contact us with any questions.

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