• Saltwater Coral

  • Coral is the true base of any reef. Over millennium coral has formed some of the largest structures on earth. Coral is one of the most rewarding things that can be kept in your saltwater tank.

    Coral can vary greatly from one another. Some species are soft and move gently in the current, while others are as hard as a rock and grow incredibly slow. Over years you can see a tiny piece of coral grow from an inch to a few feet. Successfully keeping coral can be very rewarding.

    No matter your skill level, tank size, lighting, flow or tank inhabitants, Among The Reef will definitely have the coral needed to fill your tank with tons of interesting structures, movement and amazing out of this world colors. We try to provide all needed information to help you choose the right coral for your tank.

    Below is our full listing of coral species that we stock. If you have any questions about any coral that we stock or would like any recommendations, please feel free to contact us.