• Soft Coral

  • Soft Corals are a popular choice with reef keepers because they are normally hardy and easy to keep species of coral. Soft Corals general grow fast as well, so you must make sure that you have room for the coral to grow.

    Soft Corals can be aggressive to other coral as well. Placement is very important when adding a new Soft Coral to your tank. Most Soft Corals do not need as much light as other types of coral, and they need a source of food in the water column like baby brine shrimp or Marine Snow.

    Many Soft Corals are brown or grey in color, but there are many species of Soft Coral that are extremely bright in colors such as purples and reds. On each particular species of Soft Coral's page, we provide detailed care and tank environment needs for each coral to help you choose the right Soft Corals for your tank.

    Below is our full list of Soft Corals that we keep in our inventory. If you have any questions about a particular species of Soft Coral or any questions in general, please feel free to contact us.