• Our Inventory

  • All the fish, coral and inverts offered by TankStop are some of the healthiest specimens that you can purchase online.

    Fish, coral and inverts are housed in the nation’s largest facility for marine livestock. From the moment livestock arrive at the facility they are taken extremely well care of.

    Even before livestock is shipped, extreme caution and guidelines are a must for the collectors. Collectors are held to a very strict set of rules for collecting and shipping any livestock. If these guidelines are not met or exceeded, the collectors are no longer used.

    Once livestock is received, careful observation is given to each fish, coral and invert. If healthy enough, they are placed in new arrival systems, where they are treated with medications to help with the most common diseases. For delicate species and individuals that are either sick or didn’t ship well, much more attention is given. Extremely advanced acclimation techniques are also used to help the livestock get over the stresses of being shipped around the world.

    After time in the new arrival systems, and being deemed healthy enough, livestock is then moved to large general holding tanks. Once here the livestock is kept a close eye on and made ready for sale.

    Being hobbyists, we would only get our livestock from a very trusted source that we would feel comfortable adding to our tanks. If you ever have an issue with our livestock, please contact us, so we can figure out exactly what happened.

    If you have any questions about our inventory and how our livestock is handled, please feel free to contact us.

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