• Saltwater Inverts

  • Invertebrates can be the most important addition to your tank. Inverts are not only some of the most interesting creatures you can keep in your tank, but they perform a host of essential tasks.

    Creatures such as crabs, snails and shrimp are the janitors of the ocean. In an aquarium they can clean up waste left by your fish, control algae grown and keep your substrate aerated.

    Not all inverts are compatible with all systems. Some inverts will bother or eat corals, while some might even kill your fish. In the details of each invertebrate, we try to provide enough information so that you can choose the proper inverts for your tank.

    Below you will find our full catalog of invertebrate species that we carry. If you have any questions about what inverts you should add to your tank, please feel free to contact us with your questions.