• Anemone

  • Anemones are interesting additions to reef and fish only tanks. Anemones are not corals, but invertebrates which can move around your tank until they find a location that suits them best.

    Anemones are known best for their symbiotic relationship with some species of clownfish and damsels. Clownfish in particular are immune to the stings of the Anemone, and is protected from larger fish that cannot tolerate the stings and leave the clownfish alone. Some Anemones do not like fish to host in them though, so please check the descriptions of each Anemone to see if they are good hosts or not.

    Anemones generally can grow larger than a foot in diameter, so make sure that your tank is large enough to contain one. Anemones tend to prefer high to medium flow, as well as intense lighting. Anemones also like to be fed small pieces of meaty marine food.

    Below is our full list of Anemones that we carry in stock. If you have any questions about a particular Anemone or any questions in general, please feel free to contact us.