• Urchin

  • Urchins are one of the best invertebrates that you can add to your clean up crew. Urchins will graze on your rocks and remove even the toughest of algaes.

    Urchins mostly eat algae and detritus found in the tank. Urchins can easily knock over live rock and coral though, so you must take that into account when adding an Urchin to your tank. Some species of Urchin can also damage acrylic tanks with their spines and mouths as well.

    Urchins tend to be rather peaceful creates and shouldn't bother fish and other invertebrates in your tank. Most grow to over 6 inches in your tank, so you must make sure that the Urchin will have clear ways around your rock work.

    Below is our full catalog of Urchins that we keep in stock in our inventory. If you have any questions about any specific Urchin species or any other questions, please feel free to contact us.