• Shellfish

  • Shellfish are extremely interesting invertebrates that you can add to your marine aquarium. Shellfish mainly consist of clams and scallops.

    Clams and scallops are both filter feeders, but require different types of lighting and flow. Clams like to have super intense lighting, while Scallops tend to like lower light levels. Clams also like to be in environments with lots fo flow, while Scallops need a little less flow.

    Clams have become extremely popular with reef keepers, since they come in such an amazing host of colors which are really brought out by the intense lights found in reef tanks. Clams and scallops are not the easiest inverts to keep, so they should not be attempted by beginner aquarists.

    Below is our full catalog of Shellfish that we keep in our inventory. If you have any questions about a certain species of Shellfish, please feel free to contact us.