• Miscellaneous Invertebrates Information
  • Miscellaneous Invertebrates consist of Invertebrates that really don't fit well in our other categories of Invertebrates. These mainly include octopus and jellyfish.

    There Invertebrates are very specialized and should only be attempted by the most advanced of aquarists. Some species even pose extreme danger to humans and should only be handled by professionals. Some octopus species can be very dangerous to humans.

    These Invertebrates also require pretty much species only tanks. Jellyfish for example need a tank with soft corners and just the right amount of and direction of flow. Octopus need to have a tank that is completely sealed, or they will escape through even the smallest of holes.

    Below is our full catalog of Miscellaneous Invertebrates that we carry in stock. Please contact us if you have any questions about any specific Invertebrate species.

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