• Worm

  • Worms include a large variety of invertebrates that can be found in a marine aquarium. The most popular of the worms are feather dusters.

    Worms can be either filter feeders or scavengers that will eat left over scraps and detritus. Worms can also vary in size from less than an inch to over a few feet. In the details section of each Worm species, we detail what each worm's main purpose is and what type of systems they are best for.

    Feather Dusters are extremely popular in aquariums because of their beautiful appearance. Being filter feeders, Feather Dusters also help keep your tank a little bit cleaner.

    Below is our full inventory of Worms that we keep in stock. If you have any questions about a specific Worm species or any questions in general, please feel free to contact us at any time.