• Xenia

  • Xenia are very popular coral in reef aquariums. Xenia has become so popular for it's beauty and fast growth rate. Some species of Xenia can completely cover rock it's attached to virtually no time.

    Given Xenia fast growth rate, it's really important to make sure that there is enough room in the area of your tank for Xenia to take over and not have to compete with other soft corals for real estate. Xenia require both moderate lighting and some supplemental feeding of smaller organics like baby brine shrimp to prosper.

    One of the most popular forms of Xenia is the pulsing or pumping varieties. These species of Xenia will constantly pulse and provide a very interesting behavior to observe in your tank. There really is no known reason as to why these Xenia pulse, but it is very pleasant to the eye.

    Below is our full selection of Xenia that we carry in our inventory. Please feel free to contact us about any particular species of Xenia, or with any questions in general.