• Sponge

  • Sponges are extremely interesting and colorful additions to your marine tank. Sponges are also great filter feeders and help keep your aquarium nice and clean.

    Sponges are considered extremely hard to keep, since they can never be exposed to air. Once a Sponge come in contact with air is will more than likely die. Sponges also require additional feedings of plankton or other extremely small sources of food to really thrive in an aquarium.

    Sponges come in a variety of color and shapes as well. On the details page of each Sponge species, you can see detailed pictures of each type of Sponge and their individual requirements. Most Sponges require relatively low light and very high rates of flow, which is not typically a combination seen in home aquariums.

    Below is out full catalog of Sponges that we keep in our inventory. Please make sure you contact us about any questions you might have about a particular Sponge species or with any question in general.