• Leather Coral

  • Leather Coral covers a large variety of soft coral with a leathery appearance and texture. These corals can vary greatly in size, color and care level.

    For the most part Leather Coral are soft coral that will grow over your live rock and are brown or grey in color. Most are rather easy to care for and great beginner corals. Leather Corals use photosynthesis to grow, but can benefit greatly from having supplemental feedings of filter food such are baby brine shrimp.

    Since there is such a large variety of Leather Coral, please make sure that you look at the details and descriptions of each Leather Coral species to help choose the best Leather Coral for your tank. Some Leather Coral species require a bit more care than others.

    Below is our full list of Leather Coral that we keep in our inventory. If you have a question about a specific Leather Coral or have any questions in general, please feel free to contact us at any time.