• Polyp

  • Polyps are by far one of the most popular types of coral you can keep in a reef tank. Polyps are normally pretty hardy and easy to keep by beginners, making them extremely popular.

    Polyps also come in a crazy amount of color combinations as well. Zoanthids in particular have become extremely popular with their seemingly endless variation of colors. Polyps also tend to spread and grow rather quickly, making plain pieces of live rock come to life with a host of colors.

    Polyps require a moderate amount of light and flow as well, making them pretty to place pretty much anywhere in your tank. Some Polyps have extra needs to flourish in your tank. In the details and descriptions of each Polyp species, we detail the care instructions for each coral.

    Below is our full list of Polyps that we keep in our inventory. Please make sure you contact us with any questions you might have on any Polyp species or any questions in general.