• Parrotfish

  • Parrotfish are some of the most colorful and interesting fish you can put in your aquarium. Parrotfish come in a variety of stunning colors from rich blues to florescent greens.

    Parrotfish are not good reef tanks, since they eat color. Much of the sand found in the Ocean was actually created by waste left over from Parrotfish eating coral. Parrotfish have extremely large teeth, actually what they are named after, since their teeth resemble the beak of a parrot.

    Parrotfish get rather large and should only be kept in appropriately large tanks. Parrotfish generally get along well other fish, and will rarely bother smaller fish and invertebrates. Having a large Parrotfish in a fish only tank can be a real showpiece fish in your aquarium.

    Below you will find our full selection of Parrotfish species that we stock. If you have any questions on a certain Parrotfish species or any general, please feel free to contact us.