• Wrasse

  • Wrasses are by far one the most popular fish that you will find in marine aquariums. With the huge varieties of stunning colors, it's really no shock why Wrasses are so popular.

    Wrasses are normally divided into two groups when talking about them and saltwater tanks. One being the reef safe species, and the other the non-reef safe species. Non-reef safe species tend to get rather large and aggressive. They will eat many of the beneficial invertebrates found in reef tanks.

    Regardless if you have a fish only tank or a fully blown reef tank, there are definitely tons of Wrasses choices for your tank. Wrasses are extremely active fish and are typically not shy. These two traits along with the rainbow of colors and endless different markings make Wrasses an excellent choice for most tanks.

    Below is the full list of Wrasses that we keep in our inventory. Please feel free to contact us about any questions you might have about certain Wrasse species or in general.