• Tilefish

  • Tilefish are extremely colorful fish and do great in most home marine aquariums. Tilefish have become so popular because of their relatively small sizes and peaceful demeanors.

    Tilefish typically only reach a fully grown size of less than 6 inches, so they can be kept in most decent sized aquariums. Tilefish tend to be jumpers, so if you plan on keeping one, it is very important to have a tight fitting aquarium top with no holes large enough for one to jump through.

    Tilefish are great reef tank fish, since they do not bother other fish and will only eat the smallest of inverts. Tilefish come in a wide range of colors, including purples and deep blues all the way up to bright reds and oranges.

    Below is our complete list of Tilefish that we keep in stock. Please make sure you contact us about any general questions or questions about specific Tilefish species.