• Hogfish

  • Hogfish are interesting and rather rare fish to see in home aquariums. For the most part Hogfish are medium sized fish growing to a maximum size of around one foot in captivity.

    Hogfish can be kept in reef tanks, but will eat smaller inverts and fish given the chance. The smaller the tank, the more aggressive a Hogfish will become. If you want to add multiple Hogfish to your tank, it suggested that you add them at the same time to reduce on aggression and territory disputes.

    Hogfish are somewhat sleek fish that come in a host of colors. Colors range from whites and light pinks to dark brown and blacks. Hogfish are fairly active fish and should be given a good amount of swimming room to thrive in a tank.

    Below is our full list of Hogfish species that we currently stock. If you have any questions about a particular Hogfish or any question in general, please feel free to contact us at any time.