• Lionfish

  • Lionfish have been extremely popular fish in the aquarium trade, but have a less than stellar reputation as being an evasive species in the wild.

    Lionfish are well known for their unique look with elegant fins and venomous spines. Care should always be taken when you are around a Lionfish to not get stung. Lionfish are very hardy fish that do extremely well in captivity.

    Make sure that your tank is the proper size for Lionfish as well. There are both full sized and dwarf Lionfish, ranging in size from a few inches to well over a foot in size. Lionfish can be kept in reef tanks, but might eat smaller fish and inverts, so you will need to proceed with caution if you plan on keeping one in a reef tank.

    Below is our full selection of Lionfish that we keep in stock. If you have a question about a particular Lionfish species or have any general questions please contact us.