• Pufferfish

  • Pufferfish are extremely fun and rewarding to keep in a marine aquarium. Pufferfish have a great personality and will almost behave like a family pet in your tank.

    Pufferfish can reach sizes well over a foot and require a larger tank. Some of the smaller Pufferfish only reach a few inches and can be kept in smaller tanks. Pufferfish generally do not do well in reef tanks since they will make meals out of most of the invertebrates found in a reef tank.

    Pufferfish get their name from when they inflate their bodies to seem like bigger fish when they feel threatened. Puffers can inflate to over two times the shape of their un-inflated bodies. Pufferfish also come in a variety of colors from grey and white to yellows and bright oranges.

    Below is the full list of Pufferfish that we carry in our inventory. Feel free to contact us with any questions about which Puffer would be the best fit for you aquarium.