• Shark

  • Sharks are probably the most well known and feared of all saltwater fish. With some Sharks like the Great White, Bull and Tiger Sharks being verified man killers.

    Sharks that are available for home aquariums are much smaller, and for the most part more docile versions of their famous cousins. There are no known species of dwarf shark, so even the smallest Shark will require a massive aquarium to thrive in.

    Sharks do not adjust easily to life in an aquarium, so it is really highly recommended that only the most advanced of aquarists attempt to keep a Shark. Also Sharks can severely injure themselves in tanks with sharp corners. Most Shark tanks have rounded corners to protect the Sharks.

    Below is our full selection of Sharks that we carry in our inventory. If you have any questions about a specific Shark species, please feel contact us at any time.