• Angler

  • Anglers and Frogfish are extremely interesting fish to keep in your tank. Anglers lie in waiting for un-expecting prey to swim by their mouths and swallow them quickly.

    Anglers can range in color from white and light pink to midnight black. Some Anglers will adapt in color to their surroundings. Since Anglers are ambush predators, they rely heavily on camouflage.

    Since Anglers will try to eat anything up to the size of their body, it is with caution that they be kept in a reef tank. In reef tanks Anglers will try to eat smaller fish and invertebrates. When kept with larger fish, Anglers can be a great addition to a tank.

    Below you will find out full inventory of available Anglers and Frogfish. We try best to detail the specifics about each fish species to help you choose the best Angler for your tank. If you have any questions about our Anglers, please feel free to contact us.