• Scorpionfish

  • Scorpionfish are extremely interesting and unique fish that you can add to your marine aquarium. Scorpionfish normally do not exceed ten inches in an aquarium, but should still be housed in a decent sized tank.

    Scorpionfish do not do well in reef tanks, since they will try to eat almost anything up to the size of their body. Small reef fish and inverts will definitely be eaten by a Scorpionfish if it gets the chance.

    Scorpionfish are ambush predators and lay in wait for an unsuspecting fish or invert to come close enough to strike. Scorpionfish have interesting growths and fins that mimic their underwater envinroment to better blend in and help with their ambush.

    Below is our full collection of Scorpionfish that we carry in our inventory. If you have any questions about a certain species of Scorpionfish feel free to contact us at any time.