• Hamlet

  • Hamlets are interesting and unique fish that are not often seen in the aquarium trade. Hamlets generally stay rather small, most of them maxing out around 5 inches in captivity.

    Hamlets can be kept in reef systems, but you must proceed with caution since Hamlets have been known to eat smaller invertebrates. Having lots of live rock for Hamlets to hide in and take shelter if spooked by more aggressive tank mates is also a good idea.

    Hamlets generally tend to have a diamond shaped body and come in a host of colors from yellow to deep blues and blacks. It is recommended in smaller tanks that you keep only one Hamlet, since they can be aggressive to similar species in smaller tanks.

    Below is our full list of Hamlets that we keep in stock. If yo have any questions about a particular Hamlet species or any questions in general please feel free to contact us.