• Snapper

  • Snappers are streamlined medium sized fish that can make a great addition to your fish only tank. Most Snappers will reach around one foot in captivity, so they should be kept in larger tanks only.

    Snappers can be kept in reef tanks, but they will try to eat smaller fish and invertebrates when the chance arises, so adding one to a reef tank should be done with caution. Snappers can come in variety of colors including reds and yellows.

    Since Snappers aren't seen too often in the aquarium hobby, a Snapper can be a great showpiece in your tank. Snappers are also very hardy fish, so most aquarists from beginners to experts will more than likely have good success keeping a Snapper.

    Below is our full catalog of Snapper that we keep in our inventory. If you have questions about which Snapper would be best form your tank, please feel free to contact us.