• Dragonet

  • Dragonets are extremely beautiful and interesting fish to keep in your reef aquarium. Dragonets come in amazing colors and have some of the most intricate markings of all reef fish.

    Dragonets stay rather small and can be kept in most size aquariums successfully. Dragonets are somewhat easy to keep, but they can only do well in very established aquariums. Dragonets are picky eaters and rely on live foods found in established aquariums.

    Lots of establish live rock and systems with refugiums make keeping Dragonets easier. Dragonets will spend all day eating pods found on live rock and in refugiums. Dragonets will also eat prepared foods like mysis and brine shrimp as well. Dragonets should not be kept with large aggressive fish either, since they are not that great at defending themselves.

    Below is the full list of Dragonet species that we carry in our inventory. If you have any questions about a certain species of Dragonet or in questions in general, please feel free to contact us at any time.