• Angelfish

  • Angelfish are really one of the most popular species of fish you can keep in your aquarium. Angelfish can range in size from a few inches to well over a foot in size. Angels can also range in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars for the extremely rare species.

    For reef tanks, the Dwarf Angels are the most common choice. Unlike most large angels, Dwarf Angelfish tend to pick on sensitive coral and inverts less than their larger cousins.

    In fish only or FOWLR tanks, large Angelfish can be a stunning addition. Full-sized Angels are so graceful and are a sight to behold. It is suggested that in smaller tanks, only one angelfish be kept. If you have a huge aquarium, you should be able to keep multiple angels with minimal aggression.

    Below is our fully selection of Angelfish. We carry a lot of species of angels in stock all the time, but we also get very exotic species in stock time to time. Please feel free to contact us about which angel would be best for your system, or to inquiry about any angels not in stock.