• Blenny

  • Blennies are very personable and colorful fish that you can add to most tanks. Blennies perform a host of duties including cleaning your sand bed and taking care of some nuisance algae.

    For the most part Blennies are very small fish, reaching a maximum adult size of only a few inches. For this reason Blennies should not be kept with larger overly aggressive fish, for fear of being attacked or eaten. Blennies can also be territorial, so more than one should only be kept in larger tanks.

    Blennies range in color from white to brilliant pinks and oranges all the way to pitch black. Most tend to spend most of their lives on the substrate, but will often swim along the glass when you approach.

    Below is our full list of Blennies which we carry. If you have any questions about which Blenny might be best for your tank, or any questions in general, please feel free to contact us.