• Triggerfish

  • Triggerfish are some of the most interesting and popular fish that you can keep in a home aquarium. Most Triggers don't get much larger than a foot in a home aquarium, so they can be kept in decent sized tanks.

    For the most point Triggerfish are not considered reef safe, since they will try to eat smaller fish and invertebrates. There some some Triggerfish species that are less likely to attack reef inhabitants, and we note that feature on the details page of each individual Trigger.

    Triggerfish come in a huge variety of colors and prices. Some Triggers are extremely common in the ocean, while others are located at only one part of the world and can only be caught at extremely deep deapths, hence their high prices.

    Below is the full list of Triggerfish that we keep in our inventory. Please feel free to contact us about any questions you have in general or about any specific Trigger species.