• Tang

  • Tangs are by far some of the most popular and sought after fish in the aquarium hobby. They are often also called Surgeonfish because of the sharp scalpel on their tail.

    Tangs make a great addition to any good sized reef tank and will not bother your corals or inverts. Some Tang species require a large aquarium with lots of swimming room. Also in smaller aquariums, Tangs of the same species should not be kept together because of issues with aggression.

    Tangs will mostly spend all day eating the algae off of your rock work and playing in your aquarium’s flow. A good diet and low stress are key to a Tangs health. Proper quarantine procedure will make sure your Tang is healthy when introduced into your aquarium, where it can live for well over a decade.

    Below you will find a large selection of Tangs from the common Yellow Tang to the exotic Gem Tang. No matter your budget or tank size, we’re sure we have the perfect Tang for your tank.