• Grouper

  • Groupers are large and aggressive fish that do well in very large aquariums. Most Groupers will grow well over 12 inches in captivity and need a tank full of swimming room and hiding places to thrive.

    Groupers can be kept in reef tanks, but will eat smaller fish and invertebrates given the chance. For this reason you must proceed with caution if adding a Grouper to your reef tank.

    Groupers can be aggressive to other similar species, so it is advised that in all but the smallest tanks to keep just one Grouper. Grouper can come in various colors from white to dark blues and browns. We try to provide as much detailed information about each Grouper we stock to help you choose the right Grouper for your tank.

    Below is our full list of Groupers that we keep in inventory. If you have any questions about a specific Grouper species or any questions in general please contact us at any time.