• Squirrelfish

  • Squirrelfish are very interesting and colorful smaller fish, which mostly reach a fully grown size of around 6 inches.

    Squirrelfish tend to be rather peaceful fish and get along well in groups of Squirrelfish. If you want to add multiple Squirrelfish to your tank, it is advised that you add them at the same time. The most common Squirrelfish tend to be red in color as well.

    Squirrelfish can be kept in reef tanks, but they will try to eat smaller fish and also invertebrates. So if you want to keep Squirrelfish in your reef tank, you need to proceed with caution. In fish only tanks, Squirrelfish will do extremely well in smaller groups.

    Below is our current selection of Squirrelfish in our inventory. Please contact us if you have any questions about a specific Squirrelfish or with any question general.