• Miscellaneous Fish

  • Miscellaneous Fish are fish that just do not fit in any other species of fish, one offs so to say. These fish range from somewhat common fish to fish you'll barely ever see in an aquarium.

    Fish like the Moorish Idol are the most common of these miscellaneous fish seen in the aquarium hobby, although a close relative to Tangs, the Moorish Idol is not a true tang. Some of these fish are not kept often in aquariums, so there is not a lot of information about keeping them long term in captivity.

    We try to provide the best information we can gather about these species, as well as detailed stats and images for each of these miscellaneous fish. If you have kept any of these fish and have additional information on them, please let us know what we could add to help other aquarist.

    Below is our full list of miscellaneous fish, if you have any questions about a certain fish or any questions in general, please feel free to contact us.