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  • Hi-Hat

  • Equetus acuminatus

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  • Tank Size: 75 Gallons
    Tempermant: Peaceful
    Maximum Size: 8"
    Coloration: Brown, Black, White
    Diet: Carnivore
    Regions Found: Caribbean, Brazil, Atlantic Ocean
    Reef Compatible: Yes (With Caution)
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    Guarantee: Live Guarantee Available
    Water Conditions: 74-82° F, SG 1.020-1.027, PH 7.9-8.5
    Other Names: High-Hat, Hi-Hat Drumfish
  • Description
  • The Hi-Hat is a stunning and very rarely seen fish in home aquariums. Hi-Hats have a mostly white body with strong horizontal brownish black stripes. Hi-Hats also have an elongated dorsal fin, giving it a very unique look.

    Hi-Hats reach a maximum adult size of around 8 inches and need to be kept in tanks that are at least 75 gallons. Hi-Hats are peaceful fish and shouldn't bother other fish or coral in your tank. Hi-Hats will try to eat a host of inverts, meaning that if you want to add one to your reef tank, you most proceed with caution.

    Hi-Hats will do best when placed in a tank with lots of live rock for them to hide in if they feel threatened by other fish. Hi-Hats should be kept with peaceful to semi-aggressive fish since they are very shy. Larger aggressive fish will be bad for the stress level of your Hi-Hat. Hi-Hats should also be kept in tanks with lots of sand for them to go through between meals looking for small inverts to eat.

    Hi-Hats are carnivores and require a diet that is rich in meaty items. When first introduced Hi-Hats might require live foods to start eating, feeder shrimp and worms are probably the best bet. Over time, Hi-Hats will eat frozen meaty foods and small pieces of fresh seafood.

    If you have any questions about the Hi-Hat and if it's the right fish for your tank, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    Tiny: Up to 2", Small: Over 2-2.5", Small / Medium: Over 2.5-3.5", Medium: Over 3.5-4.5", Medium / Large: Over 4.5-5.5", Large: Over 5.5-6.5", Extra Large: Over 6.5-7.5", Extra Extra Large: Over 7.5-8.5", Show Size: Over 8.5-10.5", Jumbo: Over 10.5"

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