• Batfish

  • Batfish are very interesting fish to add to your fish only tank. These stunning fish will not do well in a reef tank since they will eat some inverts and corals.

    Most Batfish will grow to sizes over one foot, so they require larger aquariums with lots of room for them to swim, since they are very active swimmers. Batfish, especially when they are juviniles are easily recognized by their extremely tall fins.

    Batfish are not aggressive fish, and will get along well with other non-aggressive fish. Multiple Batfish can be kept together in larger aquariums without much aggression as well. Adding a Batfish to your aquarium will add a true showpiece fish to your tank, just make sure you tank is large enough and the tank mates are well suited to a Batfish.

    Below you will find out selection of Batfish. If you have any questions about a certain Batfish species, please feel free to contact us.