• Eel

  • Eels are some of the most interesting and unique fish that you can keep in a saltwater aquarium. Eels can range in maximum size from a few inches to many feet.

    Some popular Eels have rounded teeth and will mostly on prey on invertebrates and maybe smaller fish, while the large more aggressive species have razor sharp teeth and will attack fish and sometimes even humans. If you plan on keeping some of the more aggressive species of eel, it is highly recommended that you exercise extreme caution at all times around the eel, since they can deal life threatening injuries.

    Eels are also escape artists, so if you plan on keeping any eel, you must make sure that there is not even the smaller hole or opening in your tank that the eel can find his way out of the aquarium through. Even holes smaller than the eels body will be large enough for them to get through.

    Below is our full inventory of Eels that we carry. If you have any questions or concerns about a certain species of Eel, please feel free to contact us.