• Pipefish

  • Pipefish are very interesting and unique fish that can be kept in low stress and low flow tanks. Pipefish should only be attempted by the advanced aquarist though.

    Pipefish have long and very slender bodies, almost resembling a Seahorse. Pipefish are hard to keep since they really only eat live copepods. Since the Pipefish are somewhat delicate eaters, they should not be kept with any fish that are aggressive eaters or they will starve.

    It is best to keep Pipefish in a species only tank or with Seahorses. Having lots of live rock and coral that the Pipefish can latch on to is important. Also Pipefish are not the best swimmers, so your tank should not have a lot of flow if you plan on keeping them.

    Below you will find our full list of Pipefish that we keep in inventory. If you have any questions about a certain Pipefish species, please feel free to contact us.