• Basslet

  • Basslets are perfect smaller fish to add to your tank. Basslets only reach a maximum size of only a few inches, so they can be kept in almost all tank sizes.

    Basslets are normally peaceful fish and will only bother the smallest of fish or similar species. Basslets typically do not bother inverts or coral, and make great choices for reef tanks.

    Basslets come in a wide variety of colors as well, from white to very colorful pinks and yellows. In smaller tanks only one Basslet should be kept, since over time Basslets can become aggressive and territorial towards similar species. In large tanks generally this is not an issue.

    Below is our full catalog of Basslets in stock and available. We try to provide detailed images and information about each Basslet species, so you can make the best choice for your tank. If you have any questions about which Basslet is best for you, or have any other questions about Basslets, please feel free to contact us.