• Anthias

  • Anthias are an amazing fish to have in your tank. Anthias are super colorful and very active fish that also tend to school when in numbers. Finding the right Anthias for your tank can really step your tank up a notch.

    Anthias are somewhat hardy fish, but they do require frequent small feedings each day to really thrive and flourish in your tank. For this reason they are considered moderate fish to care for. If you can meet the dietary needs, Anthias are wonderful fish for your reef tank.

    There are many different species of Anthias covering the full color spectrum. In general, Anthias are moderate sized fish, and do well in most decent sized aquariums. For the most part, only one species of Anthias should be kept in all by the largest of tanks to reduce aggression.

    Below you can see our full selection of Anthias that we keep in stock. If you have any questions about specific Anthias, or would like help choosing the best Anthias for your tank, please feel free to contact us.